Saturday, November 24, 2007

Proposed Ban on Genetically Modified Corn in Europe

While the proposed ban on genetically modified corn in Europe stems from environmental considerations, this constitutes one more move against the powerful biotechnology industry -and towards our protection- to follow up on.
Already, genetically modified ingredients are mandatorily labeled in Europe, so that Europeans are better informed about what's in their foods.
Which is not the case here in America: Even though 93 percent of Americans support GMO labeling, Monsanto Corp and others in their league have successfully lobbied our government to prevent labeling GMOs. How many of us are aware that 89 percent of soybeans, and 61 percent of corn is genetically modified? Because of the prevalence of corn and soy in processed foods, most Americans have been eating at least some GM foods for years. More on this excellent informative, proactive website.
Here is a link to a campaign to label GMOs.

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